Music and beer go really well together. So to get you in the mood (not that you needed any help) for all the beer sampling madness at the Perani Arena this Saturday, we threw together an alcohol-fueled playlist that will get any party started right.

The Michigan Food, Beer and Wine Fest kicks off at 3p at the Perani Arena. We'll be broadcasting live and you can bet your ass we'll be sampling plenty of Michigan-brewed beers, as there will be over 100 different kinds. If you need some motivation, check out our booze-heavy playlist below.

  • 'Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World'

    Steel Panther

    This one is perfect, but pretty much any Steel Panther tune will get the job done when it comes to party motivation.


  • 'Nightrain'

    Guns N' Roses

    The band was loaded like a freight train most of the time back in those days. They were also awesome all of the time.

  • '(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)'

    Beastie Boys

    No gathering is officially sanctioned by the party gods until this song is played. Until then, you're just having a quaint little get together. 'Brass Monkey' is a good follow up for this one.

  • 'Bottoms Up'


    With hair that awesome, how could Chad Kroeger and Co. not know everything there is to know about partying?

  • 'Alcohaulin' Ass'


    Hellyeah has a bunch of drinking songs. This is the one we get the most calls for though.

  • Weed, Women and Wine

    Edge City Outlaws

    Another favorite of Flint Listeners, LaBrie gets about 400 daily calls for this one for the All Request Electric Lunch.

  • 'Party Hard'

    Andrew W.K.

    This Detroit dude not only likes to 'Party Hard,' but he also put the songs 'It's Time to Party' and 'Party til' You Puke' on the same album. That's dedication right there.


  • Sober


    He makes a good point. Why can't we not be sober?


  • 'Beer'


    Beer is good... and stuff.

  • 'I Was Drunk'

    Royal Bliss

    This is just one of those classic drunken sing-a-longs. You could easily imagine a bunch of old drunk pirates swaying back and forth, slurring their way through this one.