As a two-generation (soon to be three) PlayStation dude, there are many reasons that I prefer Sony's gaming systems over Microsoft's. That being said, there are also a number of things the PS3 doesn't offer that I'm going to need on the PS4 in order to pony up $400 on November 15th.

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    Music Apps and In-Game Music Choices

    I know they have the Sony Unlimited Music or whatever, but eff that! Just give people what they want - Spotify and Pandora - instead of pimping your outdated music service. I also want the option to have either one of those apps or music from my library to replace the in-game music should I choose to do that.

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    1080p Graphic Minimum

    Yes, the PS3 was capable of this. However, if you look at the back of 85% of the games - they top out at 720p. I'm not saying that the games on PS3 don't already look amazing, they do, I'm just saying let's force the developers to step it up a bit.

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    There's nothing too complicated about this one, I just want some f---ing lasers.

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    Better Messaging System

    The messaging/chat features kind of suck on PS3. I don't do much co-op/online gaming (basically because I kind of suck at most online shooters, sports games, etc.) but the little experience I have with those features on my PS3 have not been great.

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    Memory Expansion Capabilities

    I bought the 80gb PS3 and somehow have filled the memory to the point that I have to decide what I'm parting ways with to get new games from PlayStation Plus. Getting a full size, regular game download is absolutely out of the question. It'd be nice if I didn't have to worry about space, it's 2013! We can fit 32gb in a card smaller than my pinky nail, why can't we cram an infinite amount into that significantly-larger-than-my-pinky-nail-giant-PS4.

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    Better, Cheaper Old School Games

    There is a decent amount of throwback titles on PSN, but not nearly enough. I want to be able to get damn near anything, even Nintendo titles, and I don't want to pay $10 for them either. 'Streets of Rage 2' may be the greatest game of all time (if you don't believe me, click here to read why) but I'm only willing to pay $5 for it... tops! Also, get both the 'Road Rash' and 'Ghosts N' Goblins' series on there already.

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    Flux Capacitor

    If I'm shelling out $400 for a new video game system, is it really too much to ask that it be powered by the one device that makes time travel a possibility? Although, I'd hate to see my energy bill after burning 1.21 gigawattts every time I fire up the PlayStation. Great Scott!

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    A Decent Web Browser

    When I first used the web browser on my PS3, it was alright (by 2009 standards). I recently gave it another spin and realized that it is an outdated, clunky turd. Again, it's 2013, Sony.

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    Cool New Exclusives

    We lost 'Metal Gear Solid' (the reason I stuck w/ Sony through the PS3 generation) to the multi-platform crowd, but still had 'God of War' and 'Uncharted.' Now that the latter two franchises are kind of played out, it would be nice to see some new games just for us. Plus, stop letting Xbox get all the DLC first!

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    Molecular Transporter

    That's right! If I want to get "beamed up" to Taco Bell in the middle of a 10 hour 'Batman: Arkham Origins' trophy hunting session, the PS4 better make it so!

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