There are so many great bands performing at Dirt Fest this year, that it will be hard to choose which one you're going to watch. Since we are familiar with a lot of the local bands that will be playing, we decided to give you a list of bands you don't want to miss on Saturday.

  • Deveraux

    37 Studios Stage - 1:35p

    Metal quartet DeverauX is making the trip from Lansing to deliver driving rhythms, thrashing riffs, melodic hooks and their powerful message of self perseverance.

  • Dead in 5

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 1:45

    This collection of Detroit rock vets features former members of 60 Second Crush and Mansfield Park. Their riffed-out, swimming against the mainstream sound calls to mind bands like Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age with an added splash of "outlaw rock" for good measure.

  • Crackjaw

    Soaring Eagle Main Stage - 2:00p

    Crackjaw has been kicking Michigan asses for over a decade and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, the band just released an incredible EP called 'Headhunters' and are currently working on a full-length album with Matt Dalton at 37 studios. I recently saw this band perform live for the first time and was thoroughly impressed with not only their sound and energy, but also their stage presence and ability to entertain between songs as well. Crackjaw's stock is on the rise, buy in now!

  • It Lies Within

    Soaring Eagle Main Stage - 3:00p

    When I first met these guys a few years back, the first thing I noticed about this Flint metal band was their drive. I had never spoken to a local band that was as determined and serious (and seriously talented) as It Lies Within. They've been known as one of (if not the) the best bands in Flint for years and it's awesome to see these guys finally getting recognition outside of the 810.


  • Wilson

    Soaring Eagle Main Stage - 4:00p

    Detroit's Wilson has been climbing the ladder of hard rock for the past few years and are finally receiving national recognition for their hard-hitting party anthems and high energy performances. Seriously, these guys are like an energy drink made out of moonshine and pure cocaine. Don't miss them!

  • Underneath It All

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 4:05p

    Detroit's Underneath It All will satisfy your itch for midday metal at Dirt Fest, with their punishing, death march grooves and throat shredding vocals.

  • Mercy Beach

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 4:40p

    Their name may sound like a knockoff slasher flick from the late 80s, but there is nothing formulaic or cookie-cutter about Mercy Beach. These 2-time Flint Town Throwdown champs quickly got on my radar with their grungy, infectious and unique tune 'My Pet Monster,' and have since become favorites here at the station.

  • Givensix

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 5:50p

    What can we say about Givensix that we haven't already said? In case you somehow missed me singing praises of this Flint alt metal band's album 'Harvest' or their live show, allow me to repeat myself. G6 is an incredible band that will be headlining festivals like Dirt Fest once the rest of the world gets a taste of their darkly comedic, gritty and unique catalog. Seriously, you should punch yourself right in the balls (or lady business, whatever it is that you're rocking downstairs) if you're even thinking about missing their set.

  • Chaos Rains

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 7:00p

    Chaos Rains having been melting faces in Detroit with their straight-forward, no bulls--- hard rock tunes since 2008. Expect nothing less when they take the stage at Dirt Fest.


  • 5ubkultur3

    Flint Town Throwdown Stage - 7:35p

    If you're looking for something different at Dirt Fest 2013 -- 5ubkultur3 is the band that will give it to you! Blending elements of metal, hip hop and electronic music, this band brings an incredibly unique sound to Flint and has for many years.