Ben Affleck "was the bomb in 'Phantoms,' yo," but when news broke that he was cast as The Dark Knight in Zack Synder's upcoming 'Batman Vs. Superman' flick, the last thing anyone said was "Oh, I saw that coming." Here are 10 reasons why nobody said that.

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    Jersey Girl

    This movie, perhaps doomed by his previous outing with then girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, is the polar opposite of a summer blockbuster like 'Batman Vs. Superman.'


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    Shakespeare in Love

    Look at that ridiculous outfit! He looks better suited to play Joker in this still.

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    Forces of Nature

    Look at how close he got to ridding the world of Sandra Bullock's movie career. Anyone who lets evil like that get away is no Batman in our book.

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    Affleck plays an unlikable, sodomizing bully of a clothing salesman -- not exactly the ideal picture of Bruce Wayne. He also quotes New Kids on the Block lyrics during sex. Despite all the Batman references in the film, no one thought of Ben as Batman then... even when they put this shot up during the credits.

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    This movie was pretty kick ass, and a lot of that has to do with Affleck. He was good in this movie, but was a more likely candidate for Hawkman after sporting wings and armor.

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    Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

    This scene where Affleck and Matt Damon poke fun at their own careers was one of the highlights of the hilarious flick. But, frosted tips? Come on, bro.

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    Dazed and Confused

    Here, Ben plays one of the most unlikable dudes I can think of -- a high school senior who fails just to have another year of bullying freshman.


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    Forget about playing Batman, we were surprised he played anyone after this horrible piece of s--- hit theaters. It took him a long time to bounce back after this career misstep. This is the same look he would've had if you told him he'd be playing Batman back then.

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    "Ben Affleck was an incredible Daredevil, but would make an even better Batman." Those are two statements that no one has ever made separately... or together.

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    The Dark Knight

    Let's be honest. Nobody walked out of the theater saying, "That was good, but it would've been better if Ben Affleck was wearing the cape."

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