We all know that there are a ton of celebrities that smoke weed, but do you know who the sexiest stoner chicks are? It may surprise you to see some of these celebs on here -- and others are a sure choice. Take a look at our list of the top 10 sexiest celebrity stoners.

  • 10

    Lindsay Lohan

    We all know LiLo smokes grass! She's been in and out of rehab for alcohol and other drugs. Just look at what she's doing to herself -- her lips are permanent DSLs -- and by the looks of this pictures, she's strung out on something.

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    Paris Hilton

    Of course she smokes the the ganj! Just look at all the trouble she's been in for it. The hotel heiress is known for her toking habits. In her second “home video,” Hilton jokes, while puffing on grass, “Paris Hilton part two: How to roll a joint!”

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    Kirsten Dunst

    Sweet, innocent looking Kirsten Dunst surprises us with the fact that she takes the pot -- this now explains why she played Mary Jane in 'Spiderman.' I wonder if Peter Parker was a pothead -- he had to be he was in love with Mary Jane!

    Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images
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    Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart's in love with a vampire and werewolf, she played Joan Jett in the 'Runaways' -- Joan Jett battles an addiction problem and to top it off she looks stoned in every picture of her. Either she tokes or she is always tired, you be the judge.

    Angela Weiss, Getty Images
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    Cameron Diaz

    No wonder Cameron Diaz always has 'squinty' eyes -- she's been puffing! She was once photographed with her BFF Drew Barrymore passing a doob around in Hawaii while filming a 'Charlie Angels' film. Nice to have you on our list of sexy celebs who smoke marijuana Ms. Diaz!

    Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images
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    Charlize Theron

    This South African beauty is also known to partake in smoking the goods. After watching her part in 'Hitchcock' it's obvious that she smokes -- she flys and thinks she has super-human strength, she must have been smoking some Incredible Hulk.

    Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
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    Natalie Portman

    The very sexy Natalie Portman once said she smoked weed "in college," but is too old to do it know. That's like Bill Clinton saying he didn't inhale, or Barack Obama smoked it in college. Portman is a vegan and an advocate for animal rights -- she's a bit of a hippy ain't she? Have you ever seen 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium' someone was smoking during that movie!

    Will Ragozzino, Getty Images
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    Mischa Barton

    Mischa Barton is another sexy celebrity that smokes dank. She has often been photographed with a joint in her mouth. Of course it could be a hand-rolled cigarette, but since she was arrested for a DUI and holding -- it can't be a tobacco cigarette.

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    This may not come to a surprise to many, but Rhianna does partake in weed. It's said that she has a whole room in her house dedicated to Bob Marley and she has been photographed wearing a marijuana shirt. That is why we love your Rhianna -- hot and stone -- great combination!

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    Megan Fox

    Making her way to the top of the sexiest celeberities who smoke marijuana is none other that Megan Fox! This smoking hot bombshell has always been an advocate for legalizing marijuana -- she has said "I'll be the first person in line to buy my pack of joints" All she has to do is ditch David Silver ... er, Brian Austin Green.

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