Here is a list of things that may be gone, but are definitely not forgotten. In fact, we want them back!

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    If vinyl is making a comeback, why can't Laserdisc? Even if we're only saying that because the big album-like case looks way cooler than that of a BluRay or DVD.

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    It's always fun to be young and way too hopped-up on copious amounts of sugar. That's exactly what Surge did for kids of the 90's. Me and my friends would chug a bunch of that swill at night and stay up playing 'Goldeneye 007' for N64 til the sun came up. Sure it tasted like Mountain Dew, Vernors and Sprite all mixed together, but the sugar buzz was unreal. I'm pretty sure this was the precursor to energy drinks.

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    JNCO Jeans

    If for no other reason, we'd just like to see these make a comeback to poke fun at the people wearing them. Making fun of dudes in skinny jeans is getting boring.

    Comedy Central
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    Anyone who was alive in the early-mid 1990's was enjoying Zima. Hell, I was drinking it and I didn't turn 21 until late 2001. The best part about this stuff was that you could drop a Jolly Rancher in it and change it's flavor. The worst part was that you looked like a pussy when you drank it. Still, it beat the hell out of that heartburn syrup known as Mike's Hard Lemonade... and that's still around.

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    Mustaches are awesome! There's no reason that they should only be deemed fashionable for one month a year. I'd like to rock a stache in February without being told I look like a used car salesman, hipster or child molester.

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    Pontiac Firebird

    Can you honestly tell me that you wouldn't like to arrive, like a boss, in one of these? We'd even rock that REO Speedwagon shirt while blasting Billy Squier through the speakers. Let's bring back both of those while we're at it too.

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    Micro Magic

    There may be a different brand of microwaveable french fries on the market now, but all pale in comparison to the incredible Micro Magic brand. When I was young, I damn near ate these and Ramen noodles exclusively. Contrary to what the commercial says, they weren't crispy. They were, however, both delicious and ready in two minutes.

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    Real Horror Movies

    Screw all these dumb, found-footage ghost movies. You can take your repackaged Blair Witch BS and shove it! We want some old school slasher flicks in 2013. The ghost/possession movie market has been flooded in the past 5 years, while hard working, tried and true killers like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger have been left out of work. Just because you make more profit on a $1 million movie that looks like crap, doesn't make it the right thing to do.

    New Line Cinema
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    Guitar Solos

    These days you're lucky to hear more than 20 seconds of lead guitar in most "rock" music. While there are always exceptions to statements like that one, I'd love to see a resurgence in thought out, purposeful lead guitar parts. Sometimes people solo just to solo, but the greats (David Gilmore, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, etc.) all had very intentional and vital guitar solos in their music. Let's get some more of that going, guys.

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    Dave Chappelle

    Dave went off the grid in the early stages of season 3 of his incredible Comedy Central sketch comedy show, 'Chappelle's Show.' He's pretty much kept off the radar after his mysterious 2005 meltdown, but has since gotten physically fit and done some stand up comedy here and there. Hopefully, Dave will return to either TV or movies in 2013... but I wouldn't bet on it.

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    System of a Down

    It sort of goes without saying, but these guys will make the list every year until we get a new album. We feel the same way about Rage Against the Machine, but their reunion sounds less and less likely every time a member of the band does an interview.