Wi-Fi is a beautiful thing. You can hook your computer up to the internet without any of those pesky cords getting all tangled up. The only problem is that all your d---head neighbors can now mooch off of the internet that you're paying for. Here are 10 names for your wireless network that will creep them out so much that they might even move out.

  • 10

    Acquitted Murderer :)

    Okay, this probably won't work on the younger people that are more familiar with the sarcastic nature of internet-folk, but this will have the old folks running for the hills.


  • 9


    I would know that this is bulls--- and still wouldn't connect to it.

  • 8

    HIV Positive

    You're neighbors might not move, but the single ones will stop banging your other neighbors.


  • 7

    The Rapist

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

  • 6

    Identity Theft Hack

    Go ahead. I dare you to connect to this one.


  • 5

    Peeping Tom

    They wont use your Wi-Fi and they'll never leave the blinds open again.

  • 4

    Hail Satan!

    Another one for the old folks.

  • 3


    Ew, dude. Just ew.

  • 2

    Chris Monroe

    Because NOBODY wants to be Monroe's neighbor.

  • 1

    Registered Sex Offender

    Wouldn't that be some s--- if this was how you found out your neighbor was previously convicted of a sex crime? This would definitely creep me the f--- out of the neighborhood.