We all have that one person on our Christmas list who has everything... well, everything except for these rare gems we found while scouring the Craigslist Flint for sale section.

So maybe you can't find a Hatchimal or the Nintendo Classic this year. To be honest, that NES sucks ass compared to a modded Wii anyway. Who cares? We found some even better gifts on Craigslist that will definitely be the star of your family Christmas, workplace secret Santa, Hanukkah hootenanny, or whatever kind of holiday gathering is thrown your way.

No matter who you're shopping for, whether it's your kid, your grandpa, the "artist" in the family, a hunting enthusiast, the family pervert, the sports fan or your hipster nephew -- we've got a little something for everyone! These are 100% real gifts that you can find right now on Craigslist Flint and buy from someone in the area. Honestly, we couldn't make this random BS up if we tried.