An unidentified British woman was seen drinking with her 11 year old son in a public. The young man was so intoxicated he could barely stand up and at one point fell off of a toy fire engine. The youngster was arguing with his mother as the pair shared a vodka flavored drink.

Apparently before the boy was taken into custody, the two were seen arguing over the alcohol they were sharing, resulting in mommy dearest purchasing a lager beer and more fighting between the two.

The Sun reports a witness heard the mother say "she always gets drunk with her son", and notified authorities. The boy was taken to a hospital where tests revealed he was more than twice the legal limit. But remember, he is only eleven years old.

This is absolutely appalling to me. What kind of mother drinks with her eleven year old son? That being said, what about parents that let their teenage sons and daughters drink with them or just allow them to drink at home?


(The above picture is just a picture model, not actual boy)