Despite a little bit of early turbulence, 'Friday the 13th: The Game' is off to a great start. Since the independent game is still evolving and developers are actually listening to consumer feedback, I decided to add a wish list of new features and DLC I'd  like to see added to the game.

If you listened only to the spoiled troll community, you'd think 'Friday the 13th: The Game' is a complete disaster, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's an incredibly fun game that serves as an outstanding tribute to the film series. Sure, there have been bumps in the road like server issues and glitches in the first few weeks of the launch, but Gun Media has been doing a great job of updating the community on what's happening and working to fix any issues as fast as they can. Remember, they're independent, so it sometimes takes their small team a little longer. That's cool with me, I've already waited 30 years for this game -- I can rough it for a few weeks while they smooth out the rough edges. They're trying really hard to get it right, and that's the most important thing to real fans.

Since the developers are trying really hard, are actually listening to the community, and quite often responding to feedback, I figured I could help them out a little bit. As a lifelong fan of the Jason Voorhees saga, there are some elements I'd love to see added to the game at some point. Who knows, Gun Media might actually add some of these. In fact, I'm pretty certain a few of these are already in the works. In no particular order -- here they are:

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    USS Lazarus + Manahattan Map


    Many people have called for this already, and it's likely in the works, but maybe not in this fashion. What if both the Lazarus AND Manhattan were part of the same map? If you survive x amount of time on the Lazarus, it gets to Vancouver New York, just like in the movie. You could have the ship get smaller due to fire or something, and then the passengers could choose to hide there or venture into the back alleys, rooftops, and, most importantly, the sewers of Vancouver... I mean Manhattan. Dammit. Why do I keep doing that? Also, if they placed a toxic waste bucket as a weapon in the sewer, and had it immediately knock Jason's mask off -- that would be great!

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    New Kills, Fix or 86 the Window Throw Kill


    There's so much you could add in this category, that I won't waste your time listing each one. What's Jason got, like 158 on-screen kills? Take your pick, Gun Media. Just make sure you fix that window toss kill. If not, just delete it altogether. There's nothing less satisfying than dying because Jason lightly tossed you through an open first-floor window.

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    Single-Player Jason Rampage Mode

    New Line Cinema

    Remember that scene in Freddy Vs. Jason where Jason walks through a keg party laying waste to everyone in a 20-foot radius? That was an awesome moment so many of us had been waiting forever to see in a movie. It was the precursor to that Darth Vader 'Rogue One' scene, in that they realized what the fans really wanted and gave it to them. Hard. It was ultimate fan-service at its finest. One could argue that there could've been a full movie of just that... so why not give us that in the game? Unleash Jason in a camp packed to capacity with unsuspecting machete fodder (counselors). Sure, it might get old after a while, but with free play, timed, and challenge modes -- it could add dozens of hours of replayability.

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    NES Jason Skin Updates

    Gun Media via YouTube

    Some people have been pretty critical of the FREE retro Jason Gun Media threw our way to say sorry for the rocky start. I rather enjoy having him on the roster. However, they could make some subtle adjustments to make him even better. It would be incredible if they could secure the rights to use some of the actual music and SFX from the original NES game. That alone would make this character the fan-favorite by a landslide. Add that skin to the match opening/closing cutscenes as well and you've got a proper NES Jason. However, it would be incredibly cool to see an actual 8-bit style Jason skin moving inside of this game. Especially if he uses that Mike Tyson's Punch-Out fighting style in one of his signature kills. Also, when Jason gets 8/8 add a "You and Your Friends Are Dead. Gave Over." end screen to the entire game.

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    More Counselors Per Match

    Gun Media

    At some point, it would be cool to have a different game mode where you could take on 16 counselors. There's really not much to this idea, but the more the merrier. Obviously, they'd have to tweak the objectives and items a bit, but I'll let them figure that out.

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    Freddy Vs. Jason Mode

    New Line Cinema

    This is one of those we can add to the "when Hell freezes over" list, but we can still dream. In response to these type of requests, the developers have repeatedly been stating that this is a Jason game, and they intend to keep it that way. However, these two worlds did collide on film, and the video game rights for both characters were secured for subsequent Mortal Kombat games, so it's not impossible. Imagine how fun it would be competing for kills as Jason in a 20-player match with another player as Freddy Krueger, and then, ultimately, having to battle each other. The balance of the gameplay for both would be complicated, but like I said --  we can dream.

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    Literally, Any Other Camp Maps

    Honestly, I've seen a ton of different requests for camps from different parts of the franchise, but any of them will be fine. It'd be nice to see some that break up the woods/lake/cabins setting a little, but we desperately need variety -- I'll take it however they choose to serve it up.

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    One-Use Jason Weapons


    Sure, we have context kills, signature kills, knives, traps, and our standard weapon... but what if Jason could pick up a one-shot harpoon gun, a throwing axe, or a weedwacker with a saw blade on it (a la Part 7)? Variety is the spice of life... and death.

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    New Ways to Kill Jason


    I guess there could technically be other ways to kill him already, but no one has found them yet. It would be nice to have other options that didn't require so much coordination. The "female character with a sweater and Tommy with the axe or machete" method can be incredibly difficult to accomplish against even the most novice of Jasons. Maybe a few more options, or something damage based would be fun.

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    Glitch Killer

    Gun Media

    I know they're trying to fix all the glitches, but I say leave a few of them in. Just make it so Jason has the option of killing them immediately. Let's say he encounters someone glitching on the roof of Packanack lodge. Give Jason the option to burn the lodge down for a 2-minute penalty (it's free if there are less than 5 minutes). How dope would it be to trigger a cutscene of Jason torching the place, and us seeing those glitchy bastards get roasted to death at a cost of 1000 xp? Imagine if he could also summon his mother to kill those dirty glitchers.

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    Single-Player Movie Moments


    We know that single player mode is coming down the pipe, but what exactly that will look like is still uncertain. I personally would like to see a mode where you could re-enact entire sequences from the movies as either Jason or a counselor... especially that aforementioned keg party sequence.

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    Gun Media

    A lot of people have been wish-listing new counselors, but why bother giving us more generic avatars that kind of look like characters from previous games? Just let us make our own.

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    New Hero Characters

    New Line Cinema | Paramount

    Tommy is cool and all, but let's get some other heroes/final girls in on the action. What about Creighton Duke, or Tina Shepherd? Maybe even Rob from Part 4... although some have said that's him getting killed at the beginning of the cutscene. The shirt does match, but it's likely just a nod to the fans. Maybe they could even throw in some anti-heroes to help Jason like Pamela Voorhees and Roy "Poser-Jason" Burns. You would definitely need more counselors to deal with anti-heroes though.

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    Betrayal Alerts

    Gun Media

    Teamkillers and Jason helpers are a BIG problem in this game. What I propose is a somewhat simple solution. Anyone working with Jason should be marked on the map with a red circle and lose their ability to see other counselors on their map... as well as a hefty chunk of XP. How to identify these jerks when they're not personally killing or attacking other counselors is a bit more complicated. I'm sure they could worj out a reporting system where everyone votes in-match or something like that. That could get messy too, but it's better than someone following you around with a flashlight, unlocking doors behind you, and making noise until Jason shows up.

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    All the Jasons

    There have also been a ton of requests for which Jason to bring us next. Let's not agonize over which one is more deserving -- let's just get them ALL. I'd love to play as Part 4 Jason... and Uber-Jason... and Reboot Sack-head Jason.