Just in time for Halloween, Career Builder polled Americans on the Top 15 scariest jobs.  We all may work with scary people, but that does not mean our jobs are scary.  Read on and see if your job makes the list.

The Work Buzz listed the top 15 scariest jobs as follows:

1.  Bomb Squad Technician

2.  High Rise Window Washer

3.  Armed Forces

4.  Miner

5.  Police Officer

6.  Alaskan Crab Fishing

7.  Mortician

8.  Firefighter

9.  High School Teacher

10.  Cemetery Worker

11.  Exterminator

12.  Stand Up  Comedian

13.  Animal Control

14.  Stunt Person

15.  Politician

So, do you fit into the scariest jobs?  What about being a parent?   That seems pretty scary to me?  Are there any jobs you think should be on this list?