Television has improved creatively by leaps and bounds in the past few years. There went from being two shows I cared about to too many to fit in a list of 5. 2011 is gonna be a great year of TV, and the fact that "Californication" is returning for a fourth season is one of the reasons.

#3. Californication: I didn't even watch season 3 of this show because I wasn't willing to pay $20 a month for the network it airs on. After being bored from the repetitive story in "Weeds", I couldn't justify paying for a channel that didn't show very good movies and had only one show I watched. I'm trying to catch up on season 3 (just got it from Netflix!) of this incredible show about womanizing, hard-drinking author Hank Moody. His life is very much like a Bukowski novel, except Hank Moody is more of a ladies' man than Hank Chinaski. How could you not love a show about a dude that names all of his books after Slayer albums?

Since I am missing a season I can't say much on where the story will be headed, but you should be watching this show. It's like hanging out with that buddy of yours who always brings the party to life but at the cost of fucking up his personal life. The show is clever, extremely well written, and features great acting courtesy of David (real-life recovering "sex addict") Duchovny in the lead role. The show is funny and just plain fun to watch. The new season premieres on Showtime  January 9th @ 9PM and the buzz is that will be the best season since the first. Tune in and find out for yourself.