I've been hard at work counting down all of the things you DON'T want to miss next year. TV is gonna be kickass in 2011! This show premiered last summer but if you blinked you probably missed it. If you haven't seen or heard of "The Hard Times of RJ Berger", keep reading... 

#4. The Hard Times of RJ Berger: This show came out of nowhere this year and blew me away. The most surprising element is the fact that a quality program airs on MTV. Somewhere along the line they snuck in this brilliant comedy amongst the usual reality crap-shows like "Teen Mom" and "My Super Sweet Sixteen". 

It's about a high school loser that is propelled to infamy when his "big secret"  is revealed to the entire school. The show is written and produced by Seth Grahame-Smith who has mad nerd street cred from projects like his book "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter" and his work on comics like The Incredible Hulk. The show has a very fresh sense of humor, great slang, and is surprisingly raunchy for a show about high school. They definitely don't pull any punches on topics like sex and underage drinking. I guess when the other half of your network's shows are about knocked up 16 year olds, you pretty much have no guidelines in the creative department. 

This show is one of the funniest new shows out there and will be returning for a full season this summer. Even though RJ's morality will frustrate you and make you want to junk punch him at times, you will still be rooting for him at the end of the day. Check out season one on DVD or download it on PSN or Xbox or wherever you do that... just watch it.