Well it finally happened.  Grandpa Favre didn't get the start tonight in Detroit, ending the longest consecutive start streak in NFL history.   You can say what you want about the guy and his ego, but the last time he didn't start was September 6th, 1992. The dude is one of the toughest to ever play the game. 

A lot of stuff has changed since September 6th 1992.  Back then, everyone was watching Unforgiven, eggs cost 93 cents a dozen, and I was in the first grade.  Honestly, people who were born on that date are old enough to have sex with now.  It's been that long since Brett Favre missed a game as a starter.

And I know there is a ton of drama surrounding the dude.  His ego is huge, this past year has been a joke, and he is probably texting someone a picture of his wiener right now.  But he is one of the all time greatest and you've gotta appreciate that.