3 Doors Down have sold millions of albums over the years, but if you ask bass player Todd Harrell, the band’s expectations for sales have evolved quite a bit since first spitting out ‘Krytonite’ in 2000.

While the band’s latest assortment of songs, ‘Time of My Life,’ entered the Billboard 200 at No. 3 and has achieved major success, Harrell says it’s nothing like the numbers bands saw a decade ago, before the Internet took over the music industry.

“The record [is] doing great, but times have changed in the record business,” Harrell told AZ Central. “There are so many different ways to sell music. You just have to kind of roll with the changes. Nobody sells records like in the past.”

How has the change in the way people consume music altered 3 Doors Down? “It definitely affects the pocketbook,” he laughed. “You know, the Internet is a tool that's changed things. You can say good things and bad things about it. It is a way to get the music out there. It's kind of a double-bladed sword.”

He added that while the business is becoming more about cherry-picking songs, 3 Doors Down still go about making music the old-fashioned way: by writing a full record. “That's the way we do it,” he said. “We work hard on these records, and they have themes and kind of flow together. I know when I listen to a record, I listen to the whole record.

“We're going to continue doing what we do,” he added. “We're always going to write songs and we're a touring band. We've done it for 15 years now, and I don't see us quitting yet.”