This situation calls for LESS fried rice and MORE steamed rice!  A China toddler is making headlines due to his massive weight.  The "Daily Mail" reports that 3 year old Lu Hao is tipping the scale at 132 pounds.  The child's parents say they tried to curb his eating, but he will cry non-stop until he gets to eat.  WTF?  Who is in control here?  "Attila The Kid" or the parents?  That is a super lame excuse.  All they are doing is giving in and hurting not so little Lu!

Hao has been to doctors and as of now there is nothing hormonally or medically wrong with him.  This is really sad.  There is no reason for him to be this big.

The kid's mother said quote:

"If he continues to grow at this rate his heart could fail"

No kidding!  So stop giving in to him!

I am not a parent, but this seems pretty cut and dry to me.  Am I wrong?  What do you think?