I text. A lot. Maybe too much, or so my friends say.

That said, there are a few things people do when they text that are pretty annoying. Read on for 5 Things to Avoid Doing When Text Messaging-- things that drive the people I know a little crazy.

Abbreviating too much.

We get that texting isn't like typing a term paper, so yes, you're likely going to abbreviate. But make sure the person you're texting can at least somewhat understand what you're saying. "2moro is going 2 b SO fun! 2nite can't go fast enough. BCNU soon. B4N... ILY!" Exactly.

Overdoing the LOLs.

Oh, I can be guilty of this. But sending texts that include more "LOLs," "hahas" or "hehes" than any other word simply doesn't make sense. "LOL so glad it's finally nice out, haha. Winter stinks, haha. Can't wait to go outside again, LOL!" Yep.

Getting too serious.

Texting someone your deepest and darkest feelings can be easier than saying them in person, but it's usually not the best choice. Try not to tell anyone groundbreaking news in a text, or anything too serious. "Hey, Jeff, I had so much fun with you yesterday. When I went home, the movie we saw made me think about my life and how great you are in every way and, I've been meaning to tell you...I love you! Mwah!" That goes for super-long text messages, too. Just say no!

Sending texts in the middle of the night.

Please, please, please don't send text messages at 3 a.m. While you may be wide awake stuffing Denny's pancakes down your throat after a show, whoever you are texting is likely not.

Being impatient.

Not all people are plugged into their phone all the time. Nothing is more confusing than turning on your phone to find several text messages from someone who freaked out because you didn't text them back after 20 minutes. "Hey, Anne! How are you? ... So, have you been up to anything fun today? ... Wanna grab a bite to eat later? ... Hey! Haven't heard from you in a few...everything okay? You mad at me? ... Fine, I see how it is!" Yeah.