A story about 60-year old Beulah Montgomery shooting and killing two teenagers who attempted to make her a victim of the "Knockout Game" has set the interwebs on fire and sparked many heated discussions. The real question is -- did it really happen? Get the answer here.

The "Knockout Game" is probably one of the dumbest trends to take hold of America's youth in recent history. Unlike other idiotic fads, like when kids were snorting condoms, this one has cost unsuspecting victims their lives.

Given the infamy and general hatred of the "Knockout Game," it's no surprise that bloggers everywhere were quick to jump on a story that turned the tables on the would-be attackers. Anything to make these punks think twice about sucker-punching an unsuspecting victim has to be a great story, right? Wrong.

Whether or not the story of Beulah Montgomery is a harrowing tale of an elderly woman taking the power back or another Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation is irrelevant -- because it appears that it is not true.

The story, which was amazingly short of crucial details like dates, locations, etc., claimed that Beulah was walking home after purchasing lottery tickets (and just one day after her 60th birthday, a detail no doubt added to tug at your heartstrings) when she was approached by a group of teens. That's when one of the teens struck her and before his second attempt to do so could be delivered, she pulled out her gun and fired five times -- striking one teen in the chest and another in the stomach, both were wounded fatally.

Snopes.com, well known for debunking many of these fake internet stories, is now alleging that the reports are false. Their main reason for doubting the story is its lack of detail and the fact that not one major news organization has ran with it yet. Since most news outlets are running stories found on Twitter these days, don't be surprised if you hear it on Fox News or see an interview with Beulah Montgomery on '60 Minutes.'

That being said, we still think the "Knockout Game" is ridiculous and you're an idiot if you attempt to victimize someone in this way. Beulah's story may not be true, but if this idiotic trend keeps up -- another story like it will be.

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