An 8-year old girl has proved once and for all that not all women are bad drivers, as she navigates an icy road, like a boss, at 60 MPH -- see the video here.

Every time I see someone successfully a vehicle in the snow or ice, it reminds me of the brief time I spent living near Nashville, Tennessee. One time there was a half inch of snow and everyone was doing 30 on the expressway and everything closed for the day. Obviously, being from Michigan, my friends and I were speeding by everyone on said expressway and laughing at their inability to drive in snow.

Sure, they don't have salt trucks there, but driving in snowy or icy conditions is far from impossible -- just look at the little girl in the video below. Say what you will about her parents letting her drive a car at 8 years old -- I don't even let my 8-year old use the microwave -- but she proves to all those southerners that they are acting like little bitches. If a small girl in Russia, Kazakhstan or whatever weird country this was filmed in can do it -- so can you.