You have got to be kidding me?  Women actually fell for this? An 81 year old Florida man is accused of posing as a doctor and going door to door performing breast exams.  Phillip Winikoff is not an actual doctor, apparently he just plays one at an apartment complex.

My first reaction to this story was what women would actually believe a doctor was  going door to door performing breast exams?  Apparently this happened around the time that an actual agency was going door to door performing exams and mammograms.  I myself would not let someone in my home for this, licensed or not.  Nonetheless, many women do not have insurance so to each their own.

Well, obviously Mr. or should I say "Doctor" Winikoff got wind of this program and decided to poof become a doctor and perform his own breast exams.  Two women actually allowed this clown inside.  The first victim said he, quote "touched her breast", then realized something was wrong when he started to put his hand into her pants and fondled her.  WTF?

Reports from the Daily Mail indicate that by the time the first victim called 911, he already found a second victim.  Again, WTF?  The man is 81 years old, how fast could be possibly move?

Winikoff is facing countless sexual assault charges and faces a charge for posing as a doctor.  The specifics of his deal have not been announced and it is unknown if he will spend time in prison.  There is also no word if the two women involved passed their breast exams.