The Mother of a 9 year-old Detroit girl says she's still trying to get answers about the death of her daughter and how her she could die from cardiac arrest after a routine procedure.

The little girl died just three hours after getting her tonsils removed from Children's Hospital in Troy.

The incident took place back on December 8th and the family still doesn't have any answers as to what happened as they're still waiting on the autopsy report. It's said that she could have had an obstructed airway, complications from anesthesia or an unknown heart condition.

According to ABC12, Detroit Medical Center, which owns the hospital, declined to comment on any specific questions about the little girl's care and says they're "deeply saddened" by the her death. A lawsuit is planned.

Can you imagine going in for something that is supposed to be so routine and then your child ends up dying and you have no idea why?