A 9-year-old girl Mexican girl gave birth to a baby girl on January 27th, via a C-Section. The girl, known as Dafne, claims the father is seventeen. Due to her young age police are not sure if she is being completely honest. Dafne claims the two have a loving relationship. As of now, the baby daddy is MIA.

According to police, young Dafne did not know she was pregnant until the seventh month. It is reported that the baby's father wanted her to immediately move in with him. When she refused, he skipped town. Police are on the hunt for him, as he may be facing charges of rape and sexual abuse. May be facing charges? WTF?

Dafne is one of 11 children and her parents both work and were not watching out for her. I'll say! Both mom and child are home and healthy. I sincerely hope this baby has a chance to have a good life.