Ah hipsters -- you know they type --  they hangout in small bars, wear skin tight jeans and deep-v t-shirts and sport scarves in the summer. These very clique-y groups of young people seem to be sprouting up all over the place, in Flint however, we could lump the 'greasers' into this group as well -- it's not the 50s anymore -- put the pomade away, you could catch on fire.

This video of a group of guys ranting about the 'hipster' movement is hilarious -- some of their one-liners are sure to make you laugh:

"Taking hipstamatic doesn't make you retro, if you want to look like you live in the 80s so badly, get rid of your $400 smart phone and get AIDs."

"Eat something you wafey bastard; the diet shouldn't be part of fashion, leave that to the Victoria Secrets models."