This is what happens when you're a pretentious a-hole who puts their needs above everyone else's.

We've all been in a hurry to get somewhere. Hell, I was in a hurry to get to work earlier today. It's situations like these that will accidentally reveal what kind of person you are. I've executed moves I'm not proud of behind the wheel while in a hurry, but I have never been in a "let's cut off this school bus full of children" kind of hurry. I can't even imagine a situation could where I could ever be okay with doing that at all.

Unlike myself, this BMW owner doesn't have that problem. It appears that he had no qualms with putting his needs over the safety of an entire school bus full of children. There must have been a sale on red shoes at Foot Locker or something. Luckily, lLady Karma gets involved and decides to give this jerk a free parking spot, and a much need break from the road.

This seems to happen more and more lately. Every year we see dozens of these videos where people almost hit kids with their vehicle as they pass busses when they are loading and unloading. It never doesn't piss me off. I think we, as a society, should make it our duty to take care of these jerks when they disregard busses on the road. If they get their asses kicked a couple of times for doing stuff like this, maybe they'll stop doing stuff like this. In other words, just don't be this guy.