Patricia Lefranc was severely burned with sulfuric acid in 2009.  Former lover Richard Remes sprayed the acid on her and he is now standing trial for attempted murder.

Since Mr. Remes was married at the time of their affair, prosecutors claim he wanted Patricia out of the way and gone. Lefranc survived the horrific attack and recently testified against the animal that did this to her.

As if  it were a scene cut from the movies,  Richard Remes attacked Patricia with the acid.  He has since apologized (give me f***ing break), and claims he did not realize the acid would have such a devastating effect.  Is he serious?

Patricia, now 48, has undergone 86 operations, cannot see out of her right eye and lost a finger.  She still has upcoming operations not to mention the psychological effect this has had on her. We  put so much emphasis on appearances, just imagine what she goes through daily. Patricia says her son's school friends make fun of her and said, quote:

'Remes has ruined my life as a woman. Who wants to deal with the monster that he made me? I'm stared at on the street.'

The pair met when Patricia was a janitor at the flats in Brussels where Robert Reems lived with his wife and children according to the Daily Mail. Patricia is hoping that the court takes into account that she will suffer the rest of her life in pain, both physically and psychological.

I do not understand at all how someone could do this to another human being.