Mastodon's sludge metal mastery was finally able to prove that Volbeat was not invincible, their next obstacle to barrel through is Adelitas Way. With their first #1 hit under their belt, will Adelitas Way have a repeat performance with 'The Collapse'...or just collapse. You make those calls in The Cockfight.

  • 'The Collapse'

    Adelitas Way

    After topping the charts with their first official hit 'Sick', the members of Adelitas Way are standing tall. Will the second single from (the best named album of the year) 'Home School Valedictorian' follow in the footsteps of it's predecessor or will it die right here tonight?

    Adelitas Way, Facebook
  • 'Curl of the Burl'


    2011 may be the year for Mastodon, there is a lot of talk surrounding the new album 'The Hunter' -- and all of it good. Will the buzz-saw guitars on 'Curl of the Burl' be able to cut through yet another in The Cockfight?

    Mastodon, Facebook