All of the band's videos are in the YouTube playlist above. You can use the arrows to the right of the play/pause button to skip to the next video or return to the previous one. The videos are all arranged by popularity in the order listed below.

  1. Man in the Box
  2. Rooster
  3. Would?
  4. Down in a Hole
  5. No Excuses
  6. Them Bones
  7. I Stay Away
  8. Stone
  9. Heaven Beside You
  10. Angry Chair
  11. Grind
  12. Hollow
  13. We Die Young
  14. Bleed the Freak
  15. Sea of Sorrow
  16. Voices
  17. Again
  18. Get Born Again
  19. What the Hell Have I
  20. Lesson Learned
  21. The Devil Put Dinosaurs