Alice in Chains went full on weird in their new video for their latest album's title track -- 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.' See their anti-ignorance anthem play out to a comical, mock children's TV show that turns very dark, very quick.

'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here' is a pretty thinly veiled shot at those who ignore scientific fact in favor of "religious beliefs." Such an obvious bitchslap to the Bible-Thumpers could easily cause backlash among some fans, so it's a good thing Cantrell clarifies that he has "no problem with faith / just fear " in the song's hook. Although, they probably lost any of those who would take issue with such a statement 23 years ago when he sang "deny your maker" for 'Man in the Box.'

Check out the comically twisted clip below, which comes complete with puppets, clowns and a serial killer looking dude.