The Hot Banana Listener feature is back thanks to Alicka, who definitely lives up to the title. See more pics of the smoking hot cosmetologist from Fenton here.

Alicka has been listening to the Banana for over a decade and says her favorite bands that we play are Five Finger Death Punch and Halestorm -- she especially likes their tune 'I Get Off' (we didn't make that part up either). Her turn-ons include tattoos and big trucks, plus she says she's a "sucker for a guy with a romantic side." However, "guys that lie, cheat, steal, are anti-social and smelly" (most of you reading this) have zero chance of getting with her.

When it comes to further career ambitions, Alicka says she would like to pursue either massage therapy or business management, while her ultimate dream job would be "cooking for a celebrity on a yacht somewhere tropical." A smoking hot massage therapist who can cut your hair, manage your business and likes to cook! How's that for wifey material? We're going to buy a big truck and get tatted-up right now!

RNB2 Photography, Courtesy of Alicka

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