Alter Bridge may be off-duty in 2012, but fans will be able to curb their withdrawals through the upcoming concert film 'Live at Wembley' when it hits theaters in 3D, airs on television, and is released on DVD later this year.

The members of Alter Bridge are all working on new material this year, but not for their next record. Vocalist Myles Kennedy is working with Slash on his sophomore solo album -- which is expected this spring -- and the rest of the band is recording the next Creed album. Though they are all currently involved with separate projects, AB fans do have one thing to look forward to this year.

'Alter Bridge: Live at Wembley' will showcase the band's massive gig at London's Wembley Arena on November 29th, 2011. The concert features a 22-song setlist and will be released in various formats this summer (including CD) and will be previewed on TV this February -- see the tracklist and trailer below.

'Alter Bridge: Live At Wembley' Tracklist

01. 'Slip To The Void'
02. 'Find The Real'
03. 'Ghost Of Days Gone By'
04. 'Before Tomorrow Comes'
05. 'Come To Life'
06. 'All Hope Is Gone'
07. 'White Knuckles'
08. 'Brand New Start'
09. 'Metalingus'
10. 'Broken Wings'
11. 'I Know It Hurts'
12. 'One Day Remains'
13. 'Coeur D’Alene'
14. 'Buried Alive'
15. 'Blackbird'
16. 'Wonderful Life' (Acoustic)
17. 'Watch Over You'(Acoustic)
18. 'Ties That Bind'
19. 'Isolation'
20. 'Open Your Eyes'
21.  Dueling Guitar Solos – Mark and Myles
22. 'Rise Today'

'Alter Bridge: Live at Wembley' Trailer