In what sounds like a joke, but isn't -- American Eagle has released jeans that come in a can that you spray on yourself and has dubbed them "AEO Skinny Skinny -- the Skinniest Jeans Ever."

I tried so hard to not laugh when the dude says "I like skinny jeans, but sometimes they're not skinny enough." Seriously, what the Hell is going on here? This is an actual legitimate product that American Eagle Outfitters. So for a limited time only, you can get pants that you will spray on your legs -- from a can -- at their website.

The commercial, while hilarious, leaves out one important detail -- what these things look like in the front. Is there some sort of cover or is it a full on show-and-tell with the wearer's Blue Jean Beaver or Denim Donger? We'll go ahead and let someone else take the lead on this one.