Jason Sudeikis starts as a football coach from Texas that is hired to coach a soccer team. This is a promo for soccer on NBC, but it actually highlights why it is an inferior sport that will never have the popularity here that it enjoys in the rest of the world.

Thanks to the World Cup, a bunch of people in my Facebook feed are all of a sudden big fans of soccer or "football" as they call it anywhere else but here. But here we already have a "football" and it's actually entertaining and exciting to watch. I know it's summer and there isn't much going on in sports outside of baseball, but please stop trying to make soccer happen here... It won't.

I don't know how anyone can stand to watch soccer at all. It's a bunch of dudes running around for 90 minutes and hardly anyone ever scores. It's like dollar beer night at your local strip club... wait, that almost makes it sound fun. It's more like hockey minus the speed, excitement, physical contact, fighting and 60% of the shots on goal, but 30 minutes longer. I could make analogies all day, but Jason Sudeikis says it best after his character finds out about the game a little -- "Ties and no playoffs... Why do you even do this?" Why indeed.