After the season finale of FX's hit series 'American Horror Story,' many were left wondering how the show could continue to be interesting. The answer -- starting over with a new location, new horrors, and some new/old faces...we'll explain after the jump.

#2. 'American Horror Story'

Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Jessica Lange

Despite early resistance to the show because of it's co-creator -- Glee showrunner Ryan Murphy, who has unnecessarily taken cheap shots at Kings of Leon and Slash in the past -- AHS ended up being one of my favorite television shows of 2012. Ghosts, killer babies in the basement, weird supernatural rapists in rubber suits -- the series had things we'd never seen on television and lots of them. Shock and awe wasn't it's only strength -- the combination of top-notch writing and excellent performances made AHS the water cooler show of the year.

'American Horror Story' was intriguing and unpredictable early on, but lost some steam in the final few episodes. Once all the mysteries of the "Murder House" were unveiled, most of the show's fun became a ghost as well. Kind of makes me glad that 'Lost' left so many loose ends, I may have hated it even more had they explained everything about the island.

SPOILER ALERT: After the season ended somewhat disappointingly with the Harmons comically scaring off would-be residents of their former home, it left us wondering how they could make that interesting enough to continue. Ryan Murphy told MSNBC that the answer is simpler than you'd think:

"What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house. The second season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt. Just like this year, every season of this show will have a beginning, middle and end. [The second season] won't be in L.A. It will obviously be in America, but in a completely different locale.Some of [the season 1 cast] will be coming back. There will be familiar faces and also some new faces. The people that are coming back will be playing completely different characters, creatures, monsters, etc. [The Harmons'] stories are done. People who are coming back will be playing entirely new characters."

Murphy didn't drop any hints as to which characters will be returning for season 2, but said he plans to announce some of those details in February. He did say that the new location was hinted at the show's three final episodes -- many fans believe that season 2 location will be either a prison or an asylum (come on, asylum!). AHS fans should get used to the change of scenery, according to Murphy this will not be the last time:

"Every season of the show will be a different haunting. That’s always been the plan. Every season of the show will have a beginning, middle and end, and all new characters and setting.”

After an underwhelming finale, I was torn as to which show would be #2 on our list and which would not be included at all -- the other candidate being 'Boardwalk Empire', which had an infuriating finale. The news of plans for next season eliminated our fear that AHS would fall flat in 2012. Another exciting prospect being that Murphy plans to cast some bigger-name stars for season 2. The fact that they only have to sign on for 13 episodes makes it much easier to land some actors you don't traditionally see on television.

Expect the unexpected when 'American Horror Story' returns for it's second season of spine-tingling horror, which will most likely begin next fall.

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