Yes, Flint is on Forbes list of most miserable cities.  However we are NOT number one!

Actually Flint came in at  #11 on the list.  Detroit, #15.  California has eight cities on the list.   Four Florida cities make an appearance.  According to the stats people in Miami are more miserable than people in Flint.  WTF?

Forbes says the list is based on unemployment, tax rates, crime, commute times, weather and how local sports teams have fared.

If Forbes would of factored in the "Pure Michigan" campaign, Flint may have hit the top three.  Man, I hated that!  Pure this!!

Unemployment, crime and local sports not faring well here in Flint definitely helped our odds of being on the list.

Here is the complete list of America's Most Miserable Cities:

1. Stockdale, CA

2. Miamai, FL

3. Merced, CA

4. Modesto, CA

5. Sacramento, CA

6. Memphis, TN

7. Chicago, IL

8. West Palm Beach, FL

9. Vallejo, CA

10. Cleveland, OH

11. Flint, MI

12. Toledo, OH

13. Fort Lauderdale, FL

14. Youngstown, OH

15. Detroit, MI

16. Washington, D.C.

17. Fresno, CA

18. Salinas, CA

19. Jacksonville, FL