I come from a long line of sports fanatics, and it wasn't until the past few years I realized I don't care about any pro sports teams.  I like sports, but not enough to have any concern about who wins.  I am, however, still excited about this game...here's why.


5.  The commercials.  I think it's awesome that in a time where people generally fast forward through those pesky advertisements, there is one day a year when people actually look forward to them.

4.  The friends.  People who don't even pay attention to sports (like me) still get together with their pals and make plans to watch this game.

3.  The Halftime Show.  Even if I don't totally dig the people performing, I still like to see if they are gonna rule it, or ruin it.  I am especially glad that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be there this year.  Bruno Mars is a talented artist, but this girl needs rock!

2.  The food.  Whether it's barbeque, pizza or party subs, this is one of those days where it's totally ok to pig out repeatedly.  I usually do that everyday, so it's cool to have other people join me.

1.  The beer.  Let's face it.  Beer is my number one reason for going to any get together where sports is the main attraction.  I don't care at all about the game.  I wouldn't even know who was playing this year if it had not been for all of the pot related jokes about the marijuana laws in the states whose teams are playing.  I do it for the love...that I get from the bottom of a bottle.

Enjoy the day and may the best team win!  Or not, I don't care.