Until this video of animals covering Disturbed's 'Down With the Sickness' came along, I didn't realize it was possible to love something this hard.

If you thought Richard Cheese turned in the definitive version of the nü metal classic that put Chicago's top Howie Mandel look alike and his band Disturbed on the map -- think again. That was a loaded sentence, but I have a hard time not using all my Disturbed jokes here. I rarely have a reason to write about them, so my apologies if I over-do it.

Nü-metal came on the scene like a hurricane in the late 90s/early 2000s, crushing everything in its way. Sadly, it changed the sound of rock radio for the years come, and ultimately weakened the format in the long run. If you're a sports guy (or gal) you'll appreciate this analogy -- Nü-metal was to rock radio what Darko Miličić was to the Detroit Pistons.

None of this is Disturbed's fault, but them, along with the Godsmacks and Limp Bizkits of the world inspired the influx of tough guy rock that still dominates the airwaves to this very day. Since I work in rock radio, and am not particularly fond of their influence on the genre -- I love it when someone takes bands like Disturbed down a peg or two. Recent examples include the hilarious 'The Sound of Smash Mouth' mash-up and the brilliant 'Greatest Hit of Disturbed' video -- both classics.

This masterfully edited cover of the song recreates every prominent guitar riff, bass line, drum beat, and vocal using nothing but animal noises. It's quite magnificent. Seriously, this thing is so good, it belongs in an art museum somewhere. Enjoy.