In celebration of the end of the year, Tony Labrie and Tree both put together some great year-end lists of their favorite songs of 2013. I'm a little late to the party but figured it would be a good time to post my favorite song of the year.

Here we go!

My top song of 2013 is... A Perfect Circle with 'By and Down.'

'By and Down' is A Perfect Circle's first studio single in years, and it's part of the band's recently released 'Three Sixty.' The track is everything one would expect from A Perfect Circle: moody, atmospheric, eerie, brooding. A Perfect Circle is the one of the first rock bands I remember really following, so it's always a thrill when they come out with new music-- especially when it's as good as 'By and Down.' I've also had the chance to interview guitarist Billy Howerdel a few times, and he's a true guitar genius.

A few more favorites of 2013: Skillet, 'Rise'; Alice in Chains, 'Voices'; Queens of the Stone Age, 'I Sat By the Ocean'; AFI, '17 Crimes'; and Pearl Jam, 'Sirens.'

To view Tony's top songs of the year, go here, and for Tree's list, go here.