After performing for nearly an hour and a half at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre, Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna was mistakenly tackled by security in the middle of a song.

Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna was welcomed back to the band with open arms on their current release 'Worship Music'. Bouncers at their Saturday night (Oct. 21) gig at the Nokia Theatre also welcomed the singer back with a different kind of open arm maneuver -- a tackle.

About 90-minutes into the set, Anthrax launched into the song 'Metal Thrashing Mad', which inadvertently triggered all Hell breaking loose. An over-excited fan jumped on stage about a minute and a half in and ran up to Belladonna, who appeared to be trying to help security by wrangling the stage-crasher.

His efforts were punished rather than rewarded as a rather large member of the security team full-on tackled the lead singer. Bassist Frank Bello was the first to act, as he rushed to the aid of his singer by going after the tackler. He was restrained by other members of security in a dust-up that only lasted a total of about 30 seconds.

Anthrax's Scott Ian walked over to the microphone to let it be known that he was not okay with what had just happened, saying:

"It's pretty smart to tackle the singer. F---ing geniuses they are working here, huh? I guess they haven't seen him up here on stage for the last 90 minutes. He's in the band!"

The crowd was also upset with the bone-headed move, as you can hear clearly in the videos of the incident below. Despite all the drama, Anthrax continued their show once all the dust settled.