A recent appeals court decision has ruled that patient to patient sales are illegal. Dispensary owners across state are wondering what this means. Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law says that a transfer is part of "medical use" and that the transfer does not constitute a sale. Find out more after the jump.

The court said that the Law does not include patient to patient sales, therefor the operators of Mt.Pleasant's, Compassionate Apothecary, had no authority to engage and carry out the selling of marihuana between its members. The ruling would seem to mean that sales are illegal.

Now some would say that this contradicts the Law, but in fact the law says that these transfers of medication, and compensation (which is specifically allowed in the law) is in fact not a sale. Are we stumbling over words here or what? At any rate this is an appeals case, and we're likely to see a Supreme Court Decision somewhere down the line. Until then, we'll have to wait and see how things continue to develop.

Thankfully as a Compassion Club this will not have an effect on our day to day operations, but it makes us wonder if all the places in Michigan that provide medicine to patients closed, how many jobs lost would that be?