One of the most likely match-ups goes down tonight at 9 in The Cockfight as comedic metal outfit Psychostick defend their crown against Oklahoma rockers Aranda. Psychostick will be bringing their unique mixture of humor to Dirt Fest this year and will probably be tough to beat, but it's anyone's game in The Cockfight. Check out the songs and vote your favorite early right here.

  • 'Undone'


    This Oklahoma rock trio came close with their debut single 'Still in the Dark' back in 2008, but the Foreigner-esque tune fell just short of becoming more than an afterthought. They are back for redemption with the first single called 'Undone' from their upcoming sophomore effort of the same name. Even if this song is about zippers, it's gonna be tough to beat a song called 'Because Boobs'.

    Aranda, Facebook
  • 'Because Boobs'


    Creators of such critically acclaimed modern classics as 'Beer', 'Girl Directions', and 'Orgasm = Love', Psychostick have been bringing their unique brand of "humor-core" to audiences since 2000. Always a big hit with the people of Flint, Psychostick will be returning this Saturday to take the stage at Dirt Fest. Their latest track 'Because Boobs' is every bit as ridiculous as you'd expect from the guys, but also very funny. Everything from the premise to the motorboat solo will keep you chuckling, but will it be enough to get your vote in The Cockfight.

    Psychostick, Facebook