There are videos that inspire you to be a better player and there are videos that make you feel shame for being a half-ass guitarist. This one does equal measures of both for me.

The quality of this video (or lack thereof) makes it difficult to see exactly what kind of toe-work goes into ripping such a badass solo, but I can see enough to know that this guy is better than my sorry ass will ever be using both hands. Well played, sir... Literally!

Note: I'm aware this video has been out there for a while (the Facebook post below is from August 2014 and the video is likely much older than that) but it just popped up in my news feed the other day and I was blown away. I spend a pretty solid amount of time on the interwebs, so if that was my first time seeing it -- there are probably a bunch of others who are new to it as well. Enjoy.