Honestly, this dude is going to be the first non American president.  Body Builder.  Actor.  Politician.  And now, cartoon super hero.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new project out call The Governator, with a cartoon series, feature movie, and comic book series.  Don't worry, I'm really excited too. 

As he steps away from public service, Ahh-nald is ready to start life as a private citizen and as a cartoon super hero.  MovieFone.com ran the original article, saying of the new "Governator" franchise,

"The animated superhero will also save the world in a TV series, comic book and Internet programming. The feature film will debut in early 2013, the TV series is slated for a late 2012 launch, with a comic book due sometime before that."

It's got robots getting their ass kicked by Ahh-nald, super powers and explosions so you know I'm pumped.  Check out this video and you will be too.