Hopefully you got to enjoy the hilarious Psychostick at Dirt Fest on Saturday, I heard they were great (yes, my dumb ass missed them). They've definitely held their own in the cockfight and are going for their fifth consecutive win tonight. Their opponents are newcomers Art of Dying with (the follow-up to break-through hit 'Die Trying') the song 'Get Through This'.

  • 'Get Through This'

    Art of Dying

    Aside from having the most depressing website intro on the entire internet, Art of Dying have proven themselves to be a pretty kick ass little rock group. Nobody expected their first single 'Die Trying' to hit like it did, but those days are passed and they are back with the brand new single 'Get Thru This'. Will they be able to take down reigning master of cocKfightery: Psychostick, or will they be sent packing back to Canada? Either way you can catch them at a low dough show at The Machine Shop on August 24th.

    Art of Dying, Facebook
  • 'Because Boobs'


    Psychostick know what they're doing. If you write songs about things EVERYONE loves, you will do very well in radio. First they tackled beer and now they have their sites set on the ever-lovable mammaries. Every Canadian rock band has a hit song about strippers, The Stick just boiled it down to an even simpler version of that same formula. For instance: why do people like strippers? 'Because Boobs'. Will they be able to continue their reign as champion tonight? You get to decide by placing your vote below.

    Psychostick, Facebook