Hey, you're in a local band. You want new people to hear your music, obviously. Well our local show --  the Flint Town Throwdown -- can help you make that happen. Every Monday at 10p, we play 5 songs from Michigan rock bands -- one of which could be yours. Find out how here.

To get your song considered for airplay on the Banana's weekly local show, email your track to tree@banana1015.com or use the form below.

The Flint Town Throwdown works like this:

  • Each Monday we put four songs from Michigan (and sometimes Windsor) bands in an online battle where fans can vote (once per household every 24 hours) for their favorite tune.
  • We air all of the week's songs (and the previous week's winning song) on Banana 101.5 at 10p for the Flint Town Throwdown.
  • The winner of each week's online battle will have their song played the following week at 10p Monday - Friday on the Banana.
  • If you lose, every band gets another week to win (so at bare minimum, your song gets played two weeks in a row on Monday)

We try to do our best to help promote your band on the show, including album news, upcoming gig promotion, etc. Just so you know, we will not play your song if it has a bunch of unedited F-bombs in it or if it sounds like it was recorded in a basement. Also, please have a picture with all current members of the band available on your Facebook page -- you should have one of those anyway if you're a serious band.


Flint Town Throwdown Submission Form

Want to give your band a chance at a week of airplay on the Banana? Fill out the form below to submit you band.
  • Band Photo (jpg, gif, png, jpeg formats only)*
  • Radio Edited Song (mp3 only)*Upload the song you want to represent your band in battle -- must be edited if there is profanity
  • Submit a brief one paragraph write-up on your band -- exclude what national bands you've played with please