When this creepy clown epidemic get outs of hand, and it will, you face-painted jokesters better not come looking to me for sympathy.

I'm not one to condone violence, and that's not what I'm doing with this article. I'm not writing this to make people think it's okay to attack someone who is dressed like a clown. Hell, if you're waiting on my approval for anything in life -- you have much bigger problems than clowns. This is as an open letter to those red-nosed pranksters who think it's cool to bring unsolicited terror to the masses. It's not, and this likely won't end well for some of you.

Now that these clowns are popping up everywhere, there have been a ton of reactions online. I've seen both sides of this argument in my news feed, as I have friends who are terrified of clowns, and some who work with people dressed as clowns, mostly at haunted attractions. However, those in defense of the clowns really only have one valid argument -- that they could be on their way to, or coming back from a costume party or working at a haunted attraction, party, circus, etc. Outside of that -- there is no excuse for what is happening.

The thing is -- these clowns don't deserve that defense. Most of the reports are clowns, out in the real world, trying to scare the crap out of people. Some have even been seen chasing people with weapons. Whether or not the video below is staged (I think it is, for the record) -- this is the kind of thing that is going to end with one of these clowns hurt or even worse.

There was also this Ohio school that closed after a woman was attacked by a clown who threatened the school.

Now, before you go making any disgusting parallels between my argument and racially-motivated stand your ground/police shootings, etc. -- I'm not saying that anyone has the right to do harm to someone that looks different than them. Here's the thing though, clowns -- you're not regular people. You weren't born clowns, and you know exactly what you're doing. You also know how people react when fear and adrenaline kick in. I believe some call it "fight or flight." Some will take flight (run), and others will fight. I have seen several people exclaiming that they will react with the more aggressive of those two instincts on social media, some of whom have open carry licenses. Think of this as your heads up.

Being a scary clown on Halloween or at a haunted house is one thing, but when you start terrorizing regular people who didn't invite that kind of thing -- you're rolling the dice with your life. When you make someone feel threatened -- don't be surprised when they act like you're threatening them. Do us all a favor and the cut the s--- before someone reacts the way most would if they believe a clown is trying to murder them. Excluding ICP and their followers -- nobody wants to die in clown makeup.