Based on some information provided by 85-year-old mobster Tony Zerilli, authorities are now digging up a field in Michigan in an attempt to finally locate the remains of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa, who has been missing since 1975.

Earlier this year, Zerilli told investigators that Hoffa was buried about 20 miles from the restaurant he was last seen - on a vacant piece of land in northern Oakland Township – near Detroit.

According to Zerelli’s testimony, the plan was to keep Hoffa in the hole just long enough for things to cool down and then moved to a new location. However, Zerilli says that simply never happened. "Once he was buried here, he was buried and they let it go,” he said.

Before Hoffa disappeared, he was reportedly on his way to a meeting at the Machus Red Fox Restaurant with an alleged member of the Detroit Mafia and a New Jersey Teamster boss. Hoffa was never seen again and was declared legally dead in 1982.

Incidentally, in 2004, a friend of Hoffa’s named Frank Sheeran confessed to killing Hoffa inside someone’s home in 1975. Many pieces of Sheeran’s story checked out, including the presence of blood where he supposedly dragged Hoffa’s body down the hall.

Sheeran indicated that Hoffa had been cremated at a funeral home.