Autumn Coma is a rock group based out of Flint, Michigan; formed in 2005. The band has evolved several times and had different line-ups since its inception, but the group is currently a three-piece, and specializes in progressive and art rock music. They have been featured through several Michigan media outlets; including the Flint Journal, Fox 66 and Banana 101.5.

Autumn Coma has also worked with several notable figures; including award-winning studio owner, producer and engineer Tom Tatman of Catamount Studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa; award-winning rapper Prozak (Strange Music); and grammy-winning artist Sid ‘0’ Wilson (Slipknot, DJ Starscream). They are currently in the process of recording and writing new songs that will become available exclusively through the band in the following months.

Autumn Coma  - Manipura