Ever want to hand-pick your favorite band’s setlist? Well, Avenged Sevenfold are giving fans that chance on the upcoming Rockstar Uproar Tour with a killer contest that lets fans go online and vote for what songs the band should play live.

The band posted this special message on their official website:

“Hey guys, we just finished up our first year of touring in support of 'Nightmare.' We wanna thank you all for the overwhelming support worldwide and are excited to embark on the second half of the touring cycle.

"We realize that playing Uproar for a second year has some advantages and some disadvantages. We don't want people to feel they are seeing the same show as last year... We have put our heads together to try and find a solution to these concerns. Not only are we gonna do a brand new stage show with all new production, but we are going to let you decide what songs we are gonna play."

To participate, simply vote for the 10 Avenged Sevenfold songs you want them to play on Uproar. Avenged Sevenfold will pick the 20 songs with the most votes and rotate them in and out of the setlist every night.

“We literally are not going to know what we are playing until just before the shows take place," the band said. "This way some people will see songs they never thought they would hear live and others will hear an entirely different set of songs."

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