I'm more then willing to bet you haven't done your Christmas shopping.  Who would have guessed that Legos might be the answer to your problems. 

Maybe you are shopping for the person who has everything.  Or maybe you are shopping for an ego maniac.  Or maybe it's a Lego-Maniac.  Regardless, if you are looking to spend big this holiday season, artist Nathan Sawaya could be the guy for you.  Sawaya is known world wide for his work with Legos, using the plastic blocks to recreate Han Solo trapped in carbonite, Mt. Rushmore, and Steven Colbert.  Donald Trump paid him fat to make this replica of Trump International Hotel & Tower Dubai

And this year for Christmas(and the right price), he'll make you.  For the low price of 60,000 Sawaya will make a life size replica of any body.  All he needs is a picture and a bunch of legos.