A Texas mattress store just set fire to any chances they had of staying in business, by making a commercial for their "9/11 Twin Towers" sale that is, perhaps, one of the most offensive things I've ever seen.

I thought we, as a society, came to a consensus on 9/11 sales years ago. That consensus being -- "don't you f---ing dare!" Apparently, the folks at the San Antonio Miracle Mattress store didn't get the memo. Not only were they running a 9/11 sale, but they actually produced a commercial where two employees knocked down two towers of mattresses. If this were the Bad Idea Olympics, these morons would have just taken the gold in every event.

Now I'm not one to scoff at crude humor, but this isn't humor -- it's just moronic. I can't imagine any group of people, outside of ISIS, finding any redeeming value in this half-assed attempt to make light of (and money from) the darkest moment in modern American history. I can't believe that not one of the people involved with this objected, saying "Is this too soon?" The answer would have been, and always will be "yes." This kind of thing will never be acceptable.

The store's owner, obviously in "OMFG WTF do I do now?" mode, issued this statement via their Facebook page, that is, you guessed it, getting lit the f--- up: